How To Make Kimchee or is it How Is Kimchi Made?

how to make kimchi

Kimchee or Kimchi is a fermented vegetable, most commonly Napa cabbage. But kimchee can be made from any vegetable, so there are over 200 different types of kimchee.

How is kimchee made?

Here is a high-level overview of the process:

First, all the vegetables are washed four times, then the base vegetable is brined for a specific time based on the temperature and the brine solution. Once brined, the base vegetable is cut down to size and mixed with the other ingredients. Once mixed, the components are moved to the temperature and humidity-controlled fermentation room, where they ferment for a specific period. Once entirely fermented, you can call it KIMCHEE, and it is ready to be jarred, refrigerated, and prepared for sale. Kimchee will continue to ferment even after it is jarred; the kimchee is refrigerated to slow the fermentation.

This is how Kimchee Girl kimchee is made!

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