Kimchee Cheeseburger

Kimchee Girl and FireFly Farms 

This black & blue goat cheese is more approachable cow's milk blue cheese. Creamy! Stands alone well, can be paired with other foods. This cheese melts & crumbles beautifully.

Take approximately 1/3 cup of raw hamburger meat. Form a cup with the raw meat. Then fill the meat cup with 1 tsp of FireFly Farms Black & Blue cheese. Pinch meat to cover cheese and form ball. Flatten ball to approximately 1"-2" to form a hamburger patty.

Grill to your liking, about 5-7 minutes on each side. Do not press down on patty while cooking.

Top cooked burger with Kimchee Girl Napa cabbage kimchee. Then sprinkle more cheese on top... then enjoy!

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