Cabbage Kimchee

What Is Kimchee?

First of all... is it Kimchee or Kimchi?  South Koreans insist it is spelled kimchee instead of kimchi or kimuchi, which many consider to be Japanese variants of the Korean name. [Read the article]

Kimchee is a traditional side dish of salted and fermented vegetables, such as Napa cabbage and Korean radish. Kimchee is made with a widely varying selection of seasonings, including gochugaru (Korean chili powder), spring onions, garlic, and ginger. It is also used in a variety of soups.

There are hundreds of varieties of kimchee made with different vegetables as the main ingredients. Traditionally, kimchee was stored underground in large earthenware to prevent the kimchee from freezing during the winter months. It was the primary way of storing vegetables throughout the seasons. In the summer, the in-ground storage kept the kimchee cool enough to slow down the fermentation process. In contemporary times, kimchee refrigerators are more commonly used to store kimchee.


Is Kimchee Good For Me?

People have known about the health benefits of eating kimchee for thousands of years. The living probiotic lactobacillus in kimchee are healthy bacteria that are good for your gut. Gut health is directly linked to immunity as most of the body’s immune function occurs within the digestive tract. Balancing good and bad bacteria also suppresses inflammation in the body, which has been linked to many chronic illnesses and to overall wellbeing. As a vegetable-based preparation, kimchee is also high in vitamins (especially Vitamin C, as lactobacillus actually creates Vitamin C!) and low in calories.


How Long Does Kimchee Last?

So you bought my kimchee and want to know how long does it last? Well, at my house not long.

The answer is for cabbage kimchee; it should last in your fridge for at least 2-3 months. It will continue to ferment and turn sour the older it gets. Personally, that is my favorite way to enjoy kimchee! I cook the old kimchee and add pork. Kinda like pork and sauerkraut but kicked up!!! You can also add tofu, rice cakes, and green onion while it’s cooking. It is my favorite way to enjoy kimchee.

If you purchased my cucumber kimchee, seasonal kimchee, it should last 1-2 months in the fridge.


How Is Kimchee Made?

Check out how Kimchee Girl kimchee is made.


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