Kimchee Grilled Cheese


Bloomy Breeze & Cabra La Mancha with Kimchee Girl Napa Cabbage Kimchee

It's kimchee grilled cheese time! Butter bread on one side and place butter side down on hot pan.

Slice both cheeses approximately 1/4" thin. I like my grilled cheese sandwich gooey! On one side I place Bloomy Breeze and the other side I place the with Cabra La Mancha. Let cheese melt.

While the bread is toasting, drain about 2 table spoons of Kimchee Girl Napa cabbage kimchee. Add kimchee on the melted cheese of one side of the sandwich, assemble and enjoy!

Side note: You can lightly fry kimchee in separate pan. Just until the cabbage is softened. Then assemble your sandwich with the kimchee in the middle.

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